1. I’m shit scared of birds. They’re terrifying!

2. I hate flying, which is wierd because I travel every other month or so.

3. I’ve never been to Asia.

4. Geordie Shore is my guilty pleasure!

5. I may seem all calm and collected, but I get stressed out easily!

6. I LOVE Harry Potter. Like seriously, I’m a Harry Potter geek. My biggest dream is to visit the Harry Potter attraction in Florida. I would DIE!

7. I’m terrified of the sea. When I go to the beach I almost never ever go out in the ocean. I’m afraid of sharks and the thought of drowning.

8. When I was 12 I was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I had all the books, the movies and etc!

9. I also used to be obsessed with Days of Our Lives. No joke! I loved Stefano DiMera!

10. I’m terrified of black cats. I know it’s just superstition, but I can’t look at them.