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Day Three in Barcelona

The days here are passing by so quickly! Today it actually rained a lot so we weren’t able to do much outside. We went for some shopping in Passeig de Gracia again, and I have to say how surprised I am by the difference of prices at Zara in Spain/Europe and in Norway! Wow. I can actually say that I did a lot of shopping – I had to buy two new suitcases to fit all of my new clothes!

This is the last day in Barcelona before we’re heading back to Oslo. We´re planning on eating at Balmes/Rosello restaurant that we went to on our first day here. The food and the drinks are amazing.

La Boqueria Mercat

Hi! Today we’ve been shopping and walking around the city. We stopped by the BOQUERIA MERCAT near La Rambla, because we’ve never been there. We ended up buying one of the juices that they sell, but I was so disappointed; the juice was warm and the flavour wasn’t what I expected it to be. I ended up buying a macaron and some ice cream, wish I was very happy with. If you’re going to Barcelona and haven’t been to the food market before, I would really recommend it, but it’s very crowded.

We walked down Passeig de Gracia, which is my favourite street in Barcelona. It isn’t as crowded as La Rambla, and the stores are better (or it depends on what you’re looking for). We really noticed the difference between Sunday’s and Monday’s in this city. Yesterday there were almost no one here, but today it was crowded everywhere.

Now we’re at the hotel again trying to figure out where we’re going to eat tonight! The choices are many!

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Hi! I’m taking over FEMELLE’S instagram account today! Make sure you follow them to see what I’m up to in Barcelona!

Bon dia, Barcelona!

Good morning, Bon dia! It’s Sunday and I’m in BARCELONA! I’m staying here for four days and I couldn’t be more excited.We’re staying at the H10 Art Gallery Hotel which is one of the best hotels I’ve stayed at. This hotel is my standard hotel when I go to Barcelona. It’s in L’Eixample and is only a five-minute walk from Passeig de Gracia. I have a lot of things that I want to do in the city this time around. I have been in Barcelona before, but I didn’t take the time to explore the city as I should have done.

We’re started our Sunday in Barcelona with a breakfast/brunch at Caravelle. This place is amazing. Later on we went to the Pablo Picasso museum (Museu Picasso), but there were too many people there, so we decided to leave and explore the area instead.

Later on, we’re eating dinner at a tapas restaurant called Balmes Roselló which is in L’Eixample. They have some of the best tapas I’ve tasted.

If anyone has any recommendations regarding where to eat and what to do while in Barcelona, please feel free to comment!


It’s finally FRIDAY! This seemed as the longest week ever, as I had a lot of stuff to do. I can’t wait for Sunday to come so that I can take a little vacation. I’m excited to get a little break, even though it seems as it was only yesterday that I went to France. And I can’t believe how fast the summer holidays went by! We’re already at the end of August. But I like the Autumn, so for me it doesn’t matter. I love wearing scarfs, leather jackets and wool coats! I need to get started on my autumn wardrobe, which is actually kinda late now, but I’m still in a summer mood, and the weather in Oslo is still kinda summer-ish, so the need for the wardrobe hasn’t been there yet, but I know when I get back from Spain that the weather in Norway is going to be a lot different.

Today I decided to make an easy YOGHURTBOWL! I used vanilla yoghurt as I think that it’s the best fit when you use a lot of berries and for the topping I used strawberries, bananas, granola, blueberries, coconut and chia seeds, YUM! I’m excited to get some new material for the blog when I’m on vacation and I hope you guys will like it. I wish everyone a great weekend!

BROSLO & Mardou x Dean

So.. It’s Fashion Week in Oslo, or OSLO RUNWAY as it’s called. We took the opportunity to check out the designer Mardou & Dean, which is an Oslo based clothing label founded by Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors. The showcase was located at a parking lot (Paleet Parkeringshus), which was very cool, and there was also a free bar (so imagine the state I’m in today, haha) ! I think that the location really suited the brand. They showcased a lot of their jackets and the whole set-up was a collaboration with the artist duo BROSLO. This was such a cool event!

I absolutely LOVED this white denim jacket with roses!


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Study Days

Good morning! I started my MSc this week. I had my first class yesterday and I have two study days, which means I’m able to study at home, before my next classes starts again on Thursday. I have a lot to read in every class! I’m going to use my two days to try to get ahead in some of my classes, but it’s easier said than done. I took the opportunity of a my study days to whip up a good breakfast – IN BED! I love mornings like these!

By the way, I’m headed to BARCELONA this week so if anyone has any recommendations, I would love to read them. I’ve been to Barcelona before, but I want to discover new places. Give me your best restaurant recommendations, shopping areas (I love Passeig de Gracia, but I don’t know If my wallet likes it as much), parks, museums, etc! I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday.