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My Morning Routine

I thought I share my morning routine with you, as I tend to get questions about what I use on my skin, and how I keep it acne-free. Lately I’ve been using different products from La Prairie, including a foam cleanse, toner and facial cream which I think works miracles on my face. I’ve never had problems with acne, but I’ve always had a problem with oily skin – especially in the T-zone area. After I started using these products I feel that my T-zone area is getting better.

Before I apply the foam cleanse I clean my face with facial wipes. I use Simple Facial wipes. I then apply the foam cleanse. After washing my face with the foam cleanse I let my face rest for two minutes before applying the toner. I feel like the toner is the factor that does the most for my T-zone.

After applying the toner I apply a facial cream. I only use a really small amount as I don’t want my face to feel or look greasy. I do this routine only in the morning as I have another routine at night. The facial cream from La Prairie is also an anti stress cream which I can’t get enough of!

The products that I’m using from La Praire are; La Prairie Foam Cleanser – Nettoyant Mousse, La Prairie Lotion Cellulaire Vivifiante and La Prairie Creme Anti Age Destressante. All my products are from La Praire Steen & Strøm Oslo.

Berlin: My Top 3 Favourites

I love to travel, and Berlin has quickly climbed on my favourite destinations list. The city is hip and there’s a lot to do and see. In 2016 I’ve already been to Berlin twice. I love the city life and as New York City is expensive and further away I’ve found some replacement destinations for the Big Apple. I want to share my top 3 favourite spots in the city!

Distrikt Coffee
This place is one of the main reasons as to why I go back to the city. Not only do they serve the best buttermilk pancakes, but they also have the coolest interior and a really great atmosphere. This is a must for everyone travelling to Berlin.


Are you looking for your favourite designers? Well KaDeWe is similar to EGER or Steen & Strøm in Oslo and plays host to some of the largest fashion designers in the world!

ZEN Restaurant

This place has some of the best Asian food I’ve ever had. The spring rolls are amazing, as well as the sushi and the summer rolls. The drinks are good and the prices are cheap! We went rolling back to the hotel after the first night, and the food was so good that we reserved a table for our last night as well – and we also went rolling back to the hotel that night. I would recommend that if you plan to visit this restaurant then you should reserve a table as it’s packed every single day!


We’re at the end of October and you can really start feeling that we’re close to winter. I absolutely love how autumn looks. The colours outside makes me smile even though the weather is bad. My weekend has actually been busy again, with birthday parties, work and school. I can’t wait for a much needed Christmas holiday. I’m actually going to Paris this Christmas holiday! I’m not spending Christmas eve there, but I’m spending four lovely days in the beautiful city with my boyfriend.

I’m not a very excited about winter. I’ve never liked winter. I don’t like the cold, and I hate packing myself in a large parkas. Winter is the time everyone is terrified of falling flat on their asses because it’s so slippery outside. And then waiting for the bus in minus degrees! Not looking forward to that at all. And here in Oslo the busses and the subway somehow go into a shock-modus when the snow comes (even though it comes every year) and it stops working.

Coat: Malene Birger/ Sweater: H&M/ Shirt: H&M/ Bag: Zara/ Shoes: Zara/ Pants: H&M

Press Week SS17

What a hectic and fun week it has been. Besides school, my week has been consistent of press shows after press shows. On Monday the press week started at Polhem PR with a fashion show which you can read about here. On Wednesday I went to a total of three press shows; MILDH Press, Presskontakterna and Spalt PR.


We started at MILDH were they had their SS17 collection on display from their clients. My favourite pieces from this press show was interior from Jonathan Adler and  jewellery from Edblad LAB.


We went on to Pressekontakterna Oslo where they had newly refurnished their location. This was my first time at Pressekontakterna and their location is nicely decorated with beautiful furniture from Ellos HOME. I absolutely fell in love with the green marble table with the golden details! 

Table and interior from Ellos HOME

The last place of the evening was Spalt PR! This was also my first time at their showroom and I loved it. The press week has been very fun and I can’t wait to find all of my favourite items in store.


I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

SS17 at Polhem PR

The Pressweek started this week, and I started my morning at Polhem PR to view their SS17. Usually when you go to a showcase or a press show the clothes are presented on racks, but this time the clothes were presented on models styled by Nathalie Helgerud, which was an inventive and fun way of showing the clothes. We were also served lovely breakfast from two chefs from Flying Culinary Circus. You will find some photos from the event below.

This week my calendar is completely full with school, work and press events. I think I’m at a stage in my life where I’m wondering how I will manage to have time for everything. I love working with the blog, and I love going to school, so I guess I’ll just have to make it work somehow. Besides, it get easier when I find some kind of system how to handle all of this at the same time.

Tomorrow is another day with Press shows, so if you want to see what and where I am tomorrow you can follow me on Instagram or on my Insta-stories!

Inspo of the week: Fashion Edition

Many will agree that the autumn/fall wardrobe is the best. You get the chance to layer, colour block and you get to wear your favourite coat again. I see a lot of fashion inspiration online and I always feel inspired by a lot of it so I thought that I would share it with my readers. Feel inspired by my fashion inspiration of the week. For fall/autumn I love colours, faux fur, leather, ripped jeans and big chunky knits!



I always have a hard time finding the perfect coat. When I find one I like it’s either sold out, everyone else has it or it’s above my price range. I’ve heard that you find the best coats at thrift shops/vintage stores, but as of today I haven’t had any luck in that department.

What are your favourite fashion outfits for fall?

Distrikt Coffee

If you ever happen to be in Berlin at some point, I really would like to recommend a visit to Distrikt Coffee. The interior is cozy, the waiters are super friendly and the food is great, and also Instagram worthy! Distrikt is located in Mitte, and is easy accessible by u-bahn or by train.

I always order the Buttermilk Pancakes when I’m there and they are always perfect! They also have a lot of other good choices on their menu. The coffee is also very good. I know that this would definitely be my coffee spot and weekend brunch spot if I lived in Berlin.

You can visit them at Bergstrasse 68! I would recommend to visit on weekdays, as they get pretty full on weekends!

Update from Berlin

So, I’ve been in Berlin for two days now and it feels great to be back. We’re staying at Pullman Schweizerhof in Berlin which is very central and is located in Mitte.

We went back to Distrikt Coffee, my favourite café in Berlin, where we had lunch the first day. After that we did some shopping. We went to Alexanderplatz where they already had the Christmas decor up, a bit early in my opinion.

Later that evening we went to have dinner at ZEN Restaurant, which is an asian restaurant. I had actually booked a table at the restaurant two months before, because I read that you had to be early to get a table. When we came to the restaurant they had forgotten our booking so they didn’t have a table for us. At this point I was so annoyed because we made a reservation two months prior to the event and I just told them that they had to solve the issue as we had a right to have a table. Fifteen minutes later we got a table – and let me just tell you guys that it was worth the wait. It was the best Asian food I’ve had! The food was amazing, so no regrets there!

You can follow my adventure at my Instagram page @nnennaechem