Australia intends to send letters to Hong Kong in the near future to formally accept the suspension of the mutual legal aid agreement and suspend the extradition treaty. Australia has suspended its extradition agreement with Hong Kong because of China`s new security law. The country updated the travel warning of its nationals in Hong Kong and asked them to “reconsider” their stay. Australia has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, the country`s prime minister said on Thursday, citing a lack of “confidence” due to China`s new security law. SYDNEY – Australia is suspending its extradition contract with Hong Kong and giving the city`s residents a way to stay sustainable in response to China`s decision to introduce new national security laws, which should fuel tensions with Beijing. “Our government, along with other governments around the world, has expressed strong concern about the imposition of the National Security Act in Hong Kong,” Said Mr. Morrison. “Today we agreed to proclaim that this national security right is a fundamental change in the circumstances of our extradition agreement with Hong Kong.” On Thursday, the New Zealand government said it would review relations with Hong Kong, including review of extradition agreements and controls on the export of so-called strategic goods and travel instructions. Mr Wright said the “well-defined offences” of the law undermined civil and political rights and that its scope could extend beyond hong Kong residents and citizens to include Australians whose extradition could be sought from the coast.

After the Australian government announced it was suspending the extradition treaty for fear of the impact of China`s new security laws, Hong Kong authorities retaliated by announcing Australia`s second contract, the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Thursday that the National Security Act was “a fundamental change in the circumstances of our extradition agreement with Hong Kong” and that Australia had formally communicated the decision to Hong Kong and the Chinese authorities.