· Requires transparent procedures for registering trademarks, including geographical indications. The Free Trade Advantage online platform brings together a series of practical tips and resources to provide Australian businesses with access to the benefits of Australian free trade agreements. The question sometimes arises as to whether Australian companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, use free trade agreements. A pwC report on the use of free trade agreements concluded that Australian companies receive exits from our free trade agreements, particularly in our agreements with China, Japan and Korea. The report found that 95% of Australian exports to Japan, which were eligible for a lower tariff under the Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement, used the lower tariff rate. Free trade agreements have also had a positive impact on international business confidence, strategy, expansion planning and investment. · More than 99% of U.S. exports of industrial products to Australia will be duty-free as soon as the agreement comes into force. Manufactured goods currently account for 93% of total U.S.

goods exports to Australia. Learn about tariff results and rules of origin for Australia`s free trade agreements through the FTA online portal. · For key U.S. production sectors, there will be immediate benefits such as: o USDAs Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and Biosecurity Australia will hold a permanent technical working group, including the representation of trade agencies, to interfere as early as possible in each country`s regulatory process to collaborate on the development of science-based trade measures between the two countries. · Engages both parties to authorize the seizure, forfeiture and destruction of counterfeit goods and unauthorized products as well as equipment used in their manufacture. In addition, there are plans to enforce goods in transit to prevent offenders from using ports or free trade areas to trade in pirated goods. In criminal and border matters, measures can be taken automatically to ensure more effective enforcement. 2M Language Services is very active in the Australian export industry, we offer export marketing services in addition to our translation and interpretation services. Contact us for more information or book a free 30-minute engagement session with one of our globalization experts.

· Both sides are committed to setting a high level of environmental protection and not weakening or reducing environmental legislation in order to attract trade and investment. The White Paper on Foreign Policy launched by Prime Minister Turnbull on November 23, 2017, confirmed that Australia would continue to be an active bilateral, regional and multilateral advocate for an open global economy opposed to protectionism. The White Paper also endorsed Australia`s ambitious approach to negotiating and implementing regional and bilateral free trade agreements to ensure Australia`s future prosperity and set a target of having more than 80% of Australia`s total trade with free trade countries in the free trade agreement by 2020 (currently, Australia`s ten free trade agreements cover about two-thirds of our total trade). Nine of Australia`s 10 free trade agreements came into force in 2003 and the benefits australia derives from free trade agreements will continue to increase as more of these agreements are negotiated and implemented in the future. · The agreement is fully in line with the working objectives set by Congress in TPA. Work commitments are part of the basic text of the trade agreement. The World Trade Organization (WTO) remains the basis of Australia`s trade policy. Australia continues to work with other WTO members on the Doha post-round negotiating agenda.

Australia also relies heavily on WTO rules and other rules