I’ve always loved adding pieces of jewelry and accessories to my looks to give my style that little extra. This season I have found some gorgeous accessories and pieces of jewelry at Glitter, all from hair clips to Sterling Silver earrings, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you. These pieces are perfect to add that little extra to your looks, but are also the perfect Christmas gift. The reason as to why I love Glitter is because you will always find accessories and jewelry that suits your personal style, and the prices are suited for everyone. Glitter has everything from hairclips to hairbands, rings, sterling silver and armbands. 

1.Oblong Hair Clip With Decorative Pattern/ 2. Hair Clip With Patterns and Glitter/ 3. Sterling Silver Earrings With Pearls/ 4. Bobbypins With Pearls/ 5. Hairpin in Metal and Turtlepattern/ 6. Sterling Silver Creols

/This post is a paid collaboration with Glitter