It’s finally FRIDAY! This seemed as the longest week ever, as I had a lot of stuff to do. I can’t wait for Sunday to come so that I can take a little vacation. I’m excited to get a little break, even though it seems as it was only yesterday that I went to France. And I can’t believe how fast the summer holidays went by! We’re already at the end of August. But I like the Autumn, so for me it doesn’t matter. I love wearing scarfs, leather jackets and wool coats! I need to get started on my autumn wardrobe, which is actually kinda late now, but I’m still in a summer mood, and the weather in Oslo is still kinda summer-ish, so the need for the wardrobe hasn’t been there yet, but I know when I get back from Spain that the weather in Norway is going to be a lot different.

Today I decided to make an easy YOGHURTBOWL! I used vanilla yoghurt as I think that it’s the best fit when you use a lot of berries and for the topping I used strawberries, bananas, granola, blueberries, coconut and chia seeds, YUM! I’m excited to get some new material for the blog when I’m on vacation and I hope you guys will like it. I wish everyone a great weekend!