People often comment on my glowing skin, and I always assume that it’s not a glowing skin, only shine from my oily skin. I have switched out some of the products I used this winter, with products that give my skin the best glow without looking too shiny.

I finally got my hands on some Glossier products on my trip to New York City this June! The Super Glow was one of the products I bought, and honestly, this is one of my favorite serums. I use the Super Glow before I use a cream or BB-cream. On the plus side: It gives my skin an intense glow, that lasts throughout the day. On the bad side: I have gone through the entire bottle in just one month. And they don’t sell Glossier in Norway. It’s a travesty!

This serum from Biotherm has been my go-to serum this summer, whenever I’ve felt like my skin really needed some hydration. You can see an effect when using the Aquasource serum. The Aquasource serum will give you 24H of intense regenerating hydration with just one application.

Keihl’s is one of my favorite brands because most of the products are effective, and it’s not too pricey! I’ve fallen in love with all the products I’ve tested from Keihl’s, and the Glow Formula Skin Hydrator is no exception. I use the Glow Formula EVERY DAY! I use it under my make-up, or whenever I’m not using makeup, the Glow Formula gives me the perfect look.

I was recently introduced to Filorga, and I’m so pleasantly surprised with all the products. Keyword: EFFECTIVE. The Oxygen peel from Filorga is a re-oxygenating micro-peeling lotion. The Oxygen Peel gives me a smoother, more radiant skin. As I do have oily skin I use this every day and night, and I really love the results that the Oxygen Peel gives my skin.