Guess what? I’m finally in Paris! I’ll be here until Thursday and I’m so happy to be back. The sun was even shining for a while. The purpose of this trip is a hundred percent relaxation and fun, which is everything I need right now. We’re staying at a beautiful hotel during this trip, Hotel Opera Richepanse, with the best location. This is probably the best hotel I’ve ever been to.

We arrived very early in Paris on Monday, and we decided to eat lunch at the infamous Carette. Carette is famous for their scrambled eggs, and boy oh boy, they didn’t disappoint. Carette is the perfect place if you’re looking for a good breakfast or a lunch spot, though a bit expensive!

I love walking around in this city. It’s absolutely beautiful and there’s always something interesting around the corner. I’m very pleased with the weather too. It’s five degrees celsius, which means that the walking conditions are great.

I’m also taking over Instagram account while I’m here so follow Femelle on Instagram for recent updates! I would also love to get some recommendations when it comes to restaurants. We were very fortunate yesterday. I think we found the best restaurant ever! The food was immaculate!

The plan today is to stop by Galeries Lafayette at Hausmann and do some shopping and then stop by Notre Dame and the Christmas Market there!