Don’t you just hate how the weekend always seem to pass by so quickly? Unfortunately I haven’t done anything interesting this weekend. I’ve been reading a lot for my classes as the amount of chapters to read are ridiculous! But I love how the autumn in sneaking up on us, which gives me the opportunity to wear some of my favourite outfits again! I think it’s much more fun to combine an outfit when you can layer it with a bit more clothes, which you can’t do at summertime.

I actually managed to book tickets to Paris in December, which means Christmas shopping in Paris! I’m so excited about that. The last time I was in Paris I felt like I didn’t have enough time to wander the streets and get the sense of the real Paris. I also think we managed to book a decent hotel too. I can’t wait to make a list over all the places we should eat, and places to see. I really want to visit the Versailles this time, if it isn’t too much of a hassle.

And next month I’m going back to Berlin for the second time this year. I’m travelling with two of my friends and we’re staying at the Pullman Schweizerhof, which I stayed at the last time I was there. The location is perfect and the hotel is amazing. Berlin has really grown on me, and is probably one of my favourite places to travel in Europe. I love the laid-back culture and the restaurants and cafés. I’m going to try some new cafés and restaurant this time, and I would be very grateful if you had any tips to share with me!



How was your weekend?