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Elizabeth Arden Liquid Series

This post contains sponsored products

Elizabeth Arden’s Liquid Lipsticks are creamy and gives immaculate coverage. The lipstick is highly pigmented and contains emollient ester and glycerin, which soften the lips and adds to comfortable wear.
The lipsticks comes in an innovative pen-style that you click when you apply the lipstick.

As it is a liquid lipstick it dries, but it doesn’t leave your lips feeling dry. Because of the emollient ester your lips feel soft while wearing the lipstick, and also after you’ve removed the lipstick. There are several liquid lipsticks that dries your lips out completely and makes your lips dry for several days after, but the Liquid Lipsticks from Elizabeth Arden doesn’t.

The series also comes in several beautiful colours. I’ve tried Seductive Magenta, Pink Lover and Fiery Red. By the way, these are perfect to give your sister, girlfriend or mother for Christmas.

A huge thanks to MILDH Beauty Press

These Red Lips

If there’s something I never can get enough of, it’s red lipstick. Red lipstick is essential in your make up bag, and it’s just like the the little black dress; you just can’t get enough of them in your closet, or in your make up bag in this case. A little bit of red lipstick can really make your face and even your outfit pop! I’ve picked out three of my favourite red lipsticks from different brands!



Siren in Scarlet is a classic red lipstick from Maybelline. This red lipstick is matte and reminds me of MAC’s Ruby Woo, but less dry. This is the kind of red lipstick that I would choose for a night out with the girls, or for a night out with my boyfriend. The colour makes your face pop!


This lipstick is from MAC, and is also matte. This red lipstick has a hint of orange in it and is one of my favourites. This is the kind of red lipstick that I would choose for work or for coffee with friends as it is a little bit toned down. This lipstick goes great with a white shirt and jeans.


This Classic Red is an Elizabeth Mott liquid lipstick. The lipstick feels light on the lips and it doesn’t get sticky and lumpy as some of the other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried. This is also a lipstick that I would choose for a night out. This red colour isn’t as strong as MAC’s Ruby Woo or Russian Red, but it really does the trick.

My Morning Routine

I thought I share my morning routine with you, as I tend to get questions about what I use on my skin, and how I keep it acne-free. Lately I’ve been using different products from La Prairie, including a foam cleanse, toner and facial cream which I think works miracles on my face. I’ve never had problems with acne, but I’ve always had a problem with oily skin – especially in the T-zone area. After I started using these products I feel that my T-zone area is getting better.

Before I apply the foam cleanse I clean my face with facial wipes. I use Simple Facial wipes. I then apply the foam cleanse. After washing my face with the foam cleanse I let my face rest for two minutes before applying the toner. I feel like the toner is the factor that does the most for my T-zone.

After applying the toner I apply a facial cream. I only use a really small amount as I don’t want my face to feel or look greasy. I do this routine only in the morning as I have another routine at night. The facial cream from La Prairie is also an anti stress cream which I can’t get enough of!

The products that I’m using from La Praire are; La Prairie Foam Cleanser – Nettoyant Mousse, La Prairie Lotion Cellulaire Vivifiante and La Prairie Creme Anti Age Destressante. All my products are from La Praire Steen & Strøm Oslo.

Christmas Press View

 I attended a CHRISTMAS Press View hosted by Polhem PR where the main theme was Christmas present. You may think it’s early to think about Christmas present, and it probably is, but it’s a good idea to have a plan, because everyone knows how Christmas time is. You barely have time to do any Christmas shopping because there is so much to do. The presentation was beautiful and there were a lot of good Christmas present ideas.

All the clothes are from Hallhuber

With Veronica and Kinza (ph: Verozitas)

With Chioma (ph: Verozitas)

My go-to beauty products

I love buying beauty products – everything from facial products to perfumes. The best thing is to discover new beauty products and seeing that they actually work. I usually buy most of my beauty products when I’m travelling, because I think that the product variations outside Norway is a lot better.

1. Chanel Hydro Beauty Micro Serum 2. Emma S. Cleansing Facial Wash 3. No.3 Multi Use Oil Rose Petals, Peony & Bergamot 4. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

Chanel Hydra Beauty Micro Serum: This is a water-light serum which makes your skin feel fresh and hydrated. I recently got this for my birthday and I haven’t  stopped using it ever since.

No 3 Multi Use Oil with Rose Petals, Peony & Bergamot: This is probably the best $28 I’ve ever spent. I got this at Urban Outfitters at Colins Avenue in Miami Beach this summer. The Multi Use oil can be used as a perfume, you can also apply it on your skin, hair and nails for moisture and shine. I think Urban Outfitters is the only place who sells this brand, which is sad because we don`t have Urban Outfitters in Norway.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle: I`ve had this perfume for a year, and I never get tired of it or want to switch to another perfume. I feel like this is my go-to perfume.  The smell is very feminine with a hint of orange, mandarin, orange blossom and bergamot.

Emma S. Cleansing Facial Wash: This is also one of my favourite facial products by Emma S. Wiklund. This facial wash is for all skin types and is free from parabens and mineral oils. I actually got this in a giveaway bag from an event that I went to in June, but I think you can buy this online too.

What are your favourite beauty products?


Nnenna Echem