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An Outfit Report Straight From Oslo Runway SS19

An Outfit Report Straight From CPHFW SS19

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Steal the Style: November

1. H&M Pullover /2. Ganni x The Blonde Salad Pullover /3. Zara Bucket Bag

4. H&M Jeans/ 5. H&M Leopard Coat/ 6. Celine Tilda

SS17 at Polhem PR

The Pressweek started this week, and I started my morning at Polhem PR to view their SS17. Usually when you go to a showcase or a press show the clothes are presented on racks, but this time the clothes were presented on models styled by Nathalie Helgerud, which was an inventive and fun way of showing the clothes. We were also served lovely breakfast from two chefs from Flying Culinary Circus. You will find some photos from the event below.

This week my calendar is completely full with school, work and press events. I think I’m at a stage in my life where I’m wondering how I will manage to have time for everything. I love working with the blog, and I love going to school, so I guess I’ll just have to make it work somehow. Besides, it get easier when I find some kind of system how to handle all of this at the same time.

Tomorrow is another day with Press shows, so if you want to see what and where I am tomorrow you can follow me on Instagram or on my Insta-stories!

Inspo of the week: Fashion Edition

Many will agree that the autumn/fall wardrobe is the best. You get the chance to layer, colour block and you get to wear your favourite coat again. I see a lot of fashion inspiration online and I always feel inspired by a lot of it so I thought that I would share it with my readers. Feel inspired by my fashion inspiration of the week. For fall/autumn I love colours, faux fur, leather, ripped jeans and big chunky knits!



I always have a hard time finding the perfect coat. When I find one I like it’s either sold out, everyone else has it or it’s above my price range. I’ve heard that you find the best coats at thrift shops/vintage stores, but as of today I haven’t had any luck in that department.

What are your favourite fashion outfits for fall?

On My Wishlist

1. Velvet t-shirt 2. Velvet sweatpants 3. Denim with flower prints 4. Pointy reptile print shoes 5. Red wool coat

It’s Monday again…

Don’t you just hate how the weekend always seem to pass by so quickly? Unfortunately I haven’t done anything interesting this weekend. I’ve been reading a lot for my classes as the amount of chapters to read are ridiculous! But I love how the autumn in sneaking up on us, which gives me the opportunity to wear some of my favourite outfits again! I think it’s much more fun to combine an outfit when you can layer it with a bit more clothes, which you can’t do at summertime.

I actually managed to book tickets to Paris in December, which means Christmas shopping in Paris! I’m so excited about that. The last time I was in Paris I felt like I didn’t have enough time to wander the streets and get the sense of the real Paris. I also think we managed to book a decent hotel too. I can’t wait to make a list over all the places we should eat, and places to see. I really want to visit the Versailles this time, if it isn’t too much of a hassle.

And next month I’m going back to Berlin for the second time this year. I’m travelling with two of my friends and we’re staying at the Pullman Schweizerhof, which I stayed at the last time I was there. The location is perfect and the hotel is amazing. Berlin has really grown on me, and is probably one of my favourite places to travel in Europe. I love the laid-back culture and the restaurants and cafés. I’m going to try some new cafés and restaurant this time, and I would be very grateful if you had any tips to share with me!



How was your weekend?

On my wishlist


BROSLO & Mardou x Dean

So.. It’s Fashion Week in Oslo, or OSLO RUNWAY as it’s called. We took the opportunity to check out the designer Mardou & Dean, which is an Oslo based clothing label founded by Ingrid Bredholt and Patrik Rosenfors. The showcase was located at a parking lot (Paleet Parkeringshus), which was very cool, and there was also a free bar (so imagine the state I’m in today, haha) ! I think that the location really suited the brand. They showcased a lot of their jackets and the whole set-up was a collaboration with the artist duo BROSLO. This was such a cool event!

I absolutely LOVED this white denim jacket with roses!


On my wishlist

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