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Busy days

These days have been so hectic for me at school. We have a lot to do and not a lot of time. I’ve always been used to finishing an assignment long before it’s due, but now I really don’t have the time to be effective. The workload is a lot more intense than I imagined, and on top of that I have to work too. I feel like a zombie these days: school – work – read – eat -repeat!

For hectic days like these I think it’s important to eat as healthy as possible as I feel that my brain and my body functions better on a healty diet. Hopefully I will be able to stay on this healthy diet as long as possible – even after I’m done with all my assignments for school. One of the main issues with eating healty is that a lot of the meals need some prep time, and when you have 30-45 min when you wake up you don’t want to be bothered with dishing up a fancy breakfast. So I’ve started to make some of my meals the day before. This week I made a Matcha Chia Pudding.

I will put up the recipe for this next week! If you have any other tips for healthy meals I can make the day before let me know!

Acai & Chia Oatmeal Porridge


So I received a huge package from Gymgrossisten containing Acai powder, Chia seeds, coconut flakes and etc, and I decided to make an Acai & Chia oatmeal porridge, and it turned out perfect, so I wanted to share the reicipe with you guys! By the way, it’s 100% organic!

1. For the porridge I used organic oatmeal, almond milk and three tablespoons of Chia seeds.

2. Let it cook for 5-7 minutes. Remember to stir.

3. When the porridge is almost done, add a tablespoon of Acai powder.
Stir it nicely in with the porridge.

4. For a topping I used frozen berries, cacao nibs and coconut flakes.


Study Days

Good morning! I started my MSc this week. I had my first class yesterday and I have two study days, which means I’m able to study at home, before my next classes starts again on Thursday. I have a lot to read in every class! I’m going to use my two days to try to get ahead in some of my classes, but it’s easier said than done. I took the opportunity of a my study days to whip up a good breakfast – IN BED! I love mornings like these!

By the way, I’m headed to BARCELONA this week so if anyone has any recommendations, I would love to read them. I’ve been to Barcelona before, but I want to discover new places. Give me your best restaurant recommendations, shopping areas (I love Passeig de Gracia, but I don’t know If my wallet likes it as much), parks, museums, etc! I hope everyone has an amazing Tuesday.

My Smoothie Bowl

The summer has been filled with bad eating habits, way too much wine and not enough work outs. The summer is now coming to an end and so is my laziness (I hope). I started my morning with a smoothie bowl and it was so good! I thought I would share the recipe with you guys too. I hope I can get back to my work out rhythm and start focusing again! But all in all, I had a wonderful summer!