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Snapshots from Paris

Her om dagen gikk jeg igjennom kameraet mitt og fant en del bilder fra Paris-turen i Desember som jeg ikke har rukket å se på. Det begynte å krible i både mage og føtter når jeg bladde gjennom bildene! Jeg fikk så lyst til å bestille en flybillett der og da og sette meg på neste fly til Paris. Dessverre er ikke livet så enkelt! Forhåpentligvis får jeg meg en tur nå til våren om timeplanen min tillater det. Byen er så utrolig vakker og bilder er dessverre ikke nok for å se hva denne byen har å tilby – den må virkelig oppleves.

Jeg føler at jeg fikk så mye mer ut av Paris-turen min denne gangen. Jeg visste hvor jeg ville og hva jeg ville se. Det å reise er så mye enklere når man har en plan, men det er jo også morsomt og av og til mer minneverdig å bare “støte” inn på det uforventede. Jeg følte at jeg fikk en bedre oversikt over byen denne gangen. Jeg har alltid følt at byen er så stor og uoversiktlig, og har aldri helt skjønt hvordan det hele henger sammen. Dette kommer jo også med tid og erfaring, men det gir meg så mye mer når jeg føler at jeg er kjent i en by – det føles da som å komme hjem på en måte.

//The other day I went through my camera and found a lot of pictures from my Paris trip in December that I hadn’t been able to look at. When I scrolled through the pictures I got a reminder of how much I love that city, and that I need to get myself back there ASAP! I even considered booking a flight-ticket, but life isn’t that simple. If my schedule allows it, I’m going to book a ticket this spring! The city is so incredibly beautiful, and pictures will not justify its beauty – it has to be experienced.

I feel like I got a lot out of my Paris-trip this time around. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to see. It’s so much easier to travel when you have a plan, but it may also be more memorable to just go with the flow. I felt like I got a better overview of the city this time. I also felt like the city was so big and complex, and never understood how it all was connected to each other. Getting to know a city comes with experience, but it’s always so much more fun when you feel like you know where to go – it’s almost like coming home.

Hotel Opera Richepanse

One of the hardest things when you travel is to find the perfect hotel that has everything you need to make your stay comfortable. When I’m looking for a hotel in a new city I always look at the location, cleanliness, bed, room size, breakfast opportunity (even though I always eat breakfast outside of the hotel) and other facilities at the hotel (gym, spa etc.). Through my lifetime, I’ve travelled a lot, and I’ve never found a hotel that I’m 100% comfortable with, until now.
Hotel Opera Richepanse is the hotel I stayed at in Paris. We stayed for three nights. We originally ordered a Superior room, but we were upgraded the minute we came. We were treated with macarons in the hotel room, and the luggage was brought to the room by the hotel personnel. The hotel is a boutique hotel, so everything at the hotel is beautifully detailed.

The hotel is located at Madeleine in Paris, which is very central. Around the corner you will find stores like Chanel, Prada, Fendi, Zara etc, food stores and cafes like Pret a Manger, Carrefour, Laduree. Champs Elysees is in walking distance, as well as Louvre. The location is perfect.

Big, bright room!


You can book your next stay in Paris at


In the streets of Paris

Paris is slowly becoming one of my favourite cities in Europe. The last time I was there it was during summer time, and the city was crowded. Paris is probably always crowded, but it was something different this time. The hotel we stayed at is probably one of the best I’ve been too. The location was perfect and everything around the hotel was so Parisian. I really love this city. And being in the city with my boyfriend was also a plus! I finally get why people love this city so much!

I’m also nominated as  Femelle Fashionista of The Year, and I would really appreciate it if you voted for me! You can vote here! In the mean time I hope everyone has a merry Christmas!

Pont Alexandre III

I’ve been to Paris before, but there’s a lot of stuff that I haven’t done or seen in this city. One of those things that I’ve never gotten the time to see is Pont Alexandre III, which I finally did today. Pont Alexandre III is very close to our hotel, so that is a plus. It’s really one of the most beautiful places in Paris, and I get why it’s on everyone’s to-do list while being in Paris.

We also got to stop by the Christmas Market at Champ de Mars, which was very crowded. I would recommend the Christmas Market at Champs Elysees. It’s bigger and it’s not as crowded as the one in Champ de Mars. There are several Christmas Markets around the city. We were supposed to visit the Christmas Market in Notre Dame, but we never got to Notre Dame, so I guess I have to put that on my to-do list for the next trip to Paris.

Jacket: Cubus/ Shirt: Zara/ Skirt:H&M/ Shoes: Zara/ Bag: Gucci

I’m In Paris

Guess what? I’m finally in Paris! I’ll be here until Thursday and I’m so happy to be back. The sun was even shining for a while. The purpose of this trip is a hundred percent relaxation and fun, which is everything I need right now. We’re staying at a beautiful hotel during this trip, Hotel Opera Richepanse, with the best location. This is probably the best hotel I’ve ever been to.

We arrived very early in Paris on Monday, and we decided to eat lunch at the infamous Carette. Carette is famous for their scrambled eggs, and boy oh boy, they didn’t disappoint. Carette is the perfect place if you’re looking for a good breakfast or a lunch spot, though a bit expensive!

I love walking around in this city. It’s absolutely beautiful and there’s always something interesting around the corner. I’m very pleased with the weather too. It’s five degrees celsius, which means that the walking conditions are great.

I’m also taking over Femelle.no Instagram account while I’m here so follow Femelle on Instagram for recent updates! I would also love to get some recommendations when it comes to restaurants. We were very fortunate yesterday. I think we found the best restaurant ever! The food was immaculate!

The plan today is to stop by Galeries Lafayette at Hausmann and do some shopping and then stop by Notre Dame and the Christmas Market there!

Berlin: My Top 3 Favourites

I love to travel, and Berlin has quickly climbed on my favourite destinations list. The city is hip and there’s a lot to do and see. In 2016 I’ve already been to Berlin twice. I love the city life and as New York City is expensive and further away I’ve found some replacement destinations for the Big Apple. I want to share my top 3 favourite spots in the city!

Distrikt Coffee
This place is one of the main reasons as to why I go back to the city. Not only do they serve the best buttermilk pancakes, but they also have the coolest interior and a really great atmosphere. This is a must for everyone travelling to Berlin.


Are you looking for your favourite designers? Well KaDeWe is similar to EGER or Steen & Strøm in Oslo and plays host to some of the largest fashion designers in the world!

ZEN Restaurant

This place has some of the best Asian food I’ve ever had. The spring rolls are amazing, as well as the sushi and the summer rolls. The drinks are good and the prices are cheap! We went rolling back to the hotel after the first night, and the food was so good that we reserved a table for our last night as well – and we also went rolling back to the hotel that night. I would recommend that if you plan to visit this restaurant then you should reserve a table as it’s packed every single day!

Distrikt Coffee

If you ever happen to be in Berlin at some point, I really would like to recommend a visit to Distrikt Coffee. The interior is cozy, the waiters are super friendly and the food is great, and also Instagram worthy! Distrikt is located in Mitte, and is easy accessible by u-bahn or by train.

I always order the Buttermilk Pancakes when I’m there and they are always perfect! They also have a lot of other good choices on their menu. The coffee is also very good. I know that this would definitely be my coffee spot and weekend brunch spot if I lived in Berlin.

You can visit them at Bergstrasse 68! I would recommend to visit on weekdays, as they get pretty full on weekends!

Update from Berlin

So, I’ve been in Berlin for two days now and it feels great to be back. We’re staying at Pullman Schweizerhof in Berlin which is very central and is located in Mitte.

We went back to Distrikt Coffee, my favourite café in Berlin, where we had lunch the first day. After that we did some shopping. We went to Alexanderplatz where they already had the Christmas decor up, a bit early in my opinion.

Later that evening we went to have dinner at ZEN Restaurant, which is an asian restaurant. I had actually booked a table at the restaurant two months before, because I read that you had to be early to get a table. When we came to the restaurant they had forgotten our booking so they didn’t have a table for us. At this point I was so annoyed because we made a reservation two months prior to the event and I just told them that they had to solve the issue as we had a right to have a table. Fifteen minutes later we got a table – and let me just tell you guys that it was worth the wait. It was the best Asian food I’ve had! The food was amazing, so no regrets there!

You can follow my adventure at my Instagram page @nnennaechem

Nnenna Echem