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The Vinyl Dress

Lancôme: Advanced Genifique Sensitive

Estēe Lauder Haul

H&M Trend AW17

Lip Shades for Fall

Dior Love Chain

My Inner Parisienne

Nnenna’s Favourites: Copenhagen Edition

Nnenna’s Favourites: New York City Guide

YSL ❥ Mon Paris

A short get-away

This week isn’t off to a bad start. I’m starting the week with a three day get-way to Quality Hotel in Sarpsborg with my sister and her two kids. I rarely go on domestic vacations. […]

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Good morning! Yesterday I took one of my closest friend to a restaurant in Oslo called “Kolonihagen“. Kolonihagen is a restaurant that serves all organic food. She had never been there before so I decided […]

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My playlist of the week

I don’t have a specific kind of taste when it comes to music. I usually listen to all genres. I do have a habit of listening to a song until I get tired of it. […]

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My go-to beauty products

I love buying beauty products – everything from facial products to perfumes. The best thing is to discover new beauty products and seeing that they actually work. I usually buy most of my beauty products […]

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Sun’s out in Oslo

The weather in Oslo these days have been unpredictable – but today the sun decided to come out and stay for a while. I woke up early as I always do, went to work and […]

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