It’s so typical when you’re finally on your Christmas Holiday, but have to spend your time in bed because of the flu. I’m unfortunately one of those people who always tend to get sick during holidays. There are a lot of remedies out there that works wonders for sore throat, and I’m going to share one with you guys.

My sore throat remedy contains lemons, lime and ginger. I leave the ingredients in the hot water for 3-5 minutes before I start drinking it. You can also add some honey if you want to. I use two slices of lemon, two slices of lime and 1,5 cm of ginger. Another trick is if your throat is itching and you need some relief as soon as possible, just take eat a tablespoon with honey and you will immediately feel how the honey is soothing your throat.

When your done drinking the remedy you can actually eat the remaining ingredients. The ginger is very strong and is a super ingredients. Especially to cure sore throats.

I hope this trick works!