Carré Jewellery is a Danish jewelry supplier. It all began back in 1991, when Shiri Rosenzweig, who is Danish/Israeli, established Carre Jewellery. As Rosenzweig, had family members in Israel working in the diamond trade, she had the opportunity to sell these beautiful and sought-after precious stones in Denmark. Shiri Rosenzweig opened the doors of the first Carré shop in 1994 and, in the heart of Copenhagen. Carré offers a huge selection of rings, earrings, and necklaces as well as other pieces of jewelry. Most of the jewelries consists of gemstones such as black, white and champagne diamonds, green and black agate, grey moonstone, sand moonstone, aventurine, opaline white and pink, coral, sapphire in pink, blue and yellow, beryl like emerald, aquamarine and chrysoprase, quarts in rose, amethyst, citrine and smokey quartz, pearls, turquoise and several other gemstones. Further, Carré Jewellery has collaborated with international influencers such as Sophia Roe.

Some Of My Favourites From Carré Jewellery: Sophia Roe x Carre Collection, Pearl Jam, Gilded Marvels