Oh my! It started to snow yesterday in Oslo. I wasn’t even prepared for it. I’ve kind of been in denial about the weather the past weeks. It’s been freezing cold outside, and everyone is starting to use their winter coats while I’m still wearing my autumn clothes. But as it started to snow yesterday I’m afraid I have to give into the pressure and listen to Mother Nature and start wearing my winter parkas.


At winter time I often get winter depression. It’s cold outside, it’s dark outside and everything feels ten times harder. Last year I solved my winter depression by going to the gym a lot, so I will definitely try it again this year. In Oslo, or in Norway in general the winter feels as it lasts for ages! Sometimes it even snows here in April!

Fortunetly I have several things to look forward to this winter. In December I’m off to Paris and in February I’m off to London. I’m actually very excited to go back to London this time. I haven’t been there since 2012, and I don’t know why, because I love that city!

What are your plans this winter? I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! XO